One of the oldest and largest sports clubs in the University, we are steeped in tradition and success, like no other. Men and women are combined in one club to make 7 teams in total, competing in the BUCS competition, trophies and various national leagues. Now we don't always get on but its always a good fight and if your talents lie off the pitch... well we have a lot of time for that as well!


...the club couldn't be easier. Whether you're a top tear player or just starting out, looking for pitch time or the chance to be part of the team, you'll find a place in here. However, nothing good in life comes for free and LUHC isn't any different. Two small installments, nicely timed with your student loans, cover everything from match fees to transport and coaches. We strive to keep these costs as small as possible but have our sponsors and the support from sport Liverpool to thank for making this possible!


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